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A fun 2D retro platformer inspired by Sonic games and a game creation system

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#1 2024-03-17 23:43:01

From: Gensokyo, Japan
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Better late than never...

Releasing Sonic Mania 2 version 1.2 in an unfinished state, because I don't know what to do with this project anymore. This is basically the new Carlos And Friends. A lot of stuff here hasn't gotten past the concept stage. Oh and Sonic can do the Thok from SRB2. And Kirby can inhale but he can only inhale certain things.

Click here to download it. It's pretty big. 5 years of hard work and procrastination. I'm burnt out... neutral

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Touhou fan who is currently working on a game about a blue cartoon rat and a game about mildly-infuriated plastic balls.


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