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#1 2022-02-12 23:49:18

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Sonic Characters for Open Surge

Basically, an "unfinished" mod that adds Sonic characters (Sonic and Tails) to Open Surge.

Sonic is based off of Tux, meaning that he plays like Tux, minus the Super-Peel Out. He uses Sonic 3 sprites (modified Sonic 3 Prototype sprites for the spring animation)

Tails is based off of Neon, meaning that he can fly like Neon.

Knuckles (1.3+ ONLY) is based off of Neon (AGAIN).

CD Sonic is a copy of Sonic.

2 Sonic is yet another copy of Sonic.

1.3 RC3.2: 3 Sonics, 2 flavors. Comes in both Stable (, doesn't have transition) and Development (0.6.0 builds, has transition)
1.3 RC3.1: CD Sonic's walk animation is faster (and a few fixes)
1.3 RC3: Added CD Sonic (and Tails can fly underwater)
1.3 RC2: Added ACTUAL sign post sprites/Life icon sprites, and proper hanging/victory sprite for Sonic.
1.3 RC1: Fixed Knuckles sprites.
1.3 Beta: Added Knuckles. (and knuckles)
1.2: Oh boy, a lot has changed. (Sonic sounds for characters and Actual flight sounds. no knuckles so stop asking)
1.1: Fixed crash when playing as Tails (.neon_easter)
1.0: Released



1.2: … (Discord) … sp=sharing (Google Drive)


1.1: … (Discord) … sp=sharing (Google Drive)

1.0 (yes, the one with the .neon_easter crash): … (Discord) … sp=sharing (Google Drive)


1.3 (RC3.2): … (Stable flavor) … (Development flavor)

1.3 (RC3.1): …

1.3 (RC3): … (Discord)

1.3 (RC2): … (Discord)

1.3 (RC1): … (Discord)

1.3 (BETA): … (Discord)

Q: "Why is Sonic using his spring sprite for hanging?"
A: He has a proper hanging sprite. If you still see the spring sprite when hanging, you probably have an older versions. We encourage you to update your SCfOS to the latest version, stable or development!

A: Tails - "It's because his yawning animation in the .png file is misaligned." (from alemart)

Q: "Why are Tails' tails static?"
A: Because.

Q: "Is Amy gonna be included?"
A: It might be possible to include her in the mod. Only problem is that she doesn't have much sprites in Sonic CD. I COULD try using Sonic 2 Pink Edition's sprites though.

Q: "Are you gonna add the speed thok from SRB2?"
A: I could add it if I learned SurgeScript.

Q: "Can I play as Sonic alone? Tails alone? Knuckles alone? CD Sonic alone? 2 Sonic alone?"
A: Yup!

Q: "Are you gonna add the drop dash from Sonic Mania?"
A: Probably, probably not. We'll see.

Q: "What's the difference between the Stable and Development versions?"
A: Stable builds are the latest version of SCfOS, while Development builds are experimental. In the case of 1.3 RC3.2, Stable does not have 2 Sonic's "skid to stand" transition, while Development does.

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#2 2022-02-13 00:23:47

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Re: Sonic Characters for Open Surge

Thanks for sharing!

In order to try it out, change the players entry in a .lev file as follows:

players "Sonic" "Tails" "Knuckles" "CD Sonic"

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