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#26 2018-01-29 03:27:54

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Re: Vista's Afterlife: The Game

G.E.R. wrote:

I never thought that I would see the operating system as a character in the game. So, I used Windows Vista only 1 day, when my SSD was destroyed and I needed an computer urgent.
I like this hell-themes, but I think that you should indicated exit from levels, as this

So, I founded some problems
1. There are magenta pixels on some textures. Are you using Photoshop and place translucent objects on a pink background?
2. You should checking springs, because the height of the jump is not enough to reach the block in two places.
3. As Alexandre said, there's not much differentiation in the sprite.

I'm sorry to hear that; I've personally had great experiences with Vista.

As for this mod...well, the more I play it, the less I'm impressed with it. The level design is too linear and confusing, the sprites aren't distinguished enough and have errors, and the folders themselves have unneeded files in them. It may be just me being too hard on myself, but my new project is leagues better than this; if anything, this serves as a study guide on how not to make Sonic-style level design.

I have been working on the final version a little bit, but it may just be included in my new project as a bonus (I already have the Vista character in the game's files), along with a notice saying that it doesn't reflect my current expertise at level design.



#27 2021-07-09 22:27:35

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Re: Vista's Afterlife: The Game

I am reuploading this game for the purpose of historical preservation.

Title: Vista's Afterlife: The Game by SGWaS
Made with: early Open Surge 0.2.0 build 700
Year: 2017

Download build of September, 7
Download build of August, 30


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