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#1 2009-09-30 19:18:56

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Emerald Flower Zone 2

At last the Emerald Flower Zone 2 is ready for play!! I am very very sorry who i cannot upload this level as soon as I promised but when i designed this level I discover many useful things about Open Sonic Level Editor!! I am sure we are not see anything yet about  Open Sonic Level Editor!! You have no idea how many thinks you can do using this Level Editor!! Congratulations again Alexandre Martins!! Your project is really amazing!!
So I guess that this level is bigger,better and more interesting than the first one. It seems like that the bugs about Emerald Flower Zone 1 Enemies have fixed with this level!! Also there is a helpful (I hope) tutorial about the loops.

Some available pictures about this level:

Only Knuckles is able to find the second big ring for Emerald Flower zone 1 and 2

Simple hit this red object and you are going to complete this level for a second if you are lucky

When you download this level it is important to follow and remember these:

1] This Level working only with Open Sonic Version 0.1.2

2] It is a high recommence to create a backup for the original Open Sonic File

3] Very very careful about level installation!! Only place them to the correct files!!

4]Sometimes you must wait 1 minute to start playing this level!!

If you really interesting to download this level simply click in the following link:

If someone has already download the previous level he must download the following level (safe 100% against Open Sonic Bugs):
Emerald Flower Zone 2  [UPDATE] (Megaupload)

#Ah!! Also I have some useful advices (tips) about this level!! So if you want to compete this level very easy but without big rings simply follow the board down direction and with a little luck you are going to complete this level for a second!!

#If you want to compete this level with 2 big rings you must follow the other board direction but I can tell you that you are going to visit many horrible and bad situations!! So good luck!! I am sure you are need it xe xe xee!!
So choose your path and good explore until the Emerald Flower Zone 3 coming I hope sooner than the second one!!

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#2 2009-10-02 18:23:22

From: Brazil
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Re: Emerald Flower Zone 2

cool !!

Congratulations, George! This is awesome ! big_smile It's even better than Emerald Flower Zone 1. I'm looking forward to playing on Emerald Flower Zone 3!

Your level has two branches: one is full of challenges and the other is all about speed! The level is full of loops and everything. You are a great level designer. I've cleared your level with Sonic and also with Knuckles, after getting the two big rings. Too bad it doesn't explore cooperative play too much, but it's great anyway. smile

Also, please upload your 'OPEN SONIC  LOOPS TUTORIAL' to the Tutorials area. It's a nice tutorial. wink

Overall, you have done a great job. There are some improvements to do on the engine, so we will be able to provide even more features to people create great levels. We need talented people such as you to help developing this game. Are you interested in becoming part of the team as a level designer?


#3 2010-02-17 18:43:30

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Re: Emerald Flower Zone 2

How do you use RAR. Files to The In The Opensonic Folder?:/:/:/:/


#4 2010-04-12 18:19:36

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Re: Emerald Flower Zone 2

I like long and interesting levels. Emerald Flower Act 2 is cool:D:D

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#5 2010-04-16 13:02:36

Registered: 2010-04-15
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Re: Emerald Flower Zone 2

Hey, i like this, good work!
Review time!

This is good work, and the level design is pretty nice too.
I really like long levels, and this is now one of my favorite
Open Sonic levels! But now, i don't really like places, what are a bit bland and more, like the
"Loop" part. You create nice levels, i don't even know how to make one. big_smile
Anyways, i like this level.

I give 9/10 for it!

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