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#1 2018-07-12 22:18:51

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[REQUEST] Zoom functions, camera control

I think I'm repeating this request, but after seeing some videos of new retro platformers, and especially after playing around with Platfinity ( ), I noticed that active and passive zoom is becoming a trend, and for a good reason.

One usual complaint about platformers is the camera. too stiff, too loose, too much here too little there.

I think it would benefit the game, especially when we're running at high resolutions, that the player can set a zoom in/out to the level in both the game and the editor. for the editor is clear which advantages it brings, but during gameplay it opens a whole new way of seeing and playing it.

Furthermore, one thing I'm totally in favor of are dynamic cameras. you've seen this in Shinobi Densetsu, where the camera, although primitively, managed to show always ahead of the directions you were going. I have refined this principle in Drift (Over) Drive, in which the camera takes into account not only speed and axis, but also the angle of movement, being that the camera is never focused on the car, but in a point away from the front of the car, with a slight adjustment towards the actual angle the car is moving.


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#2 2018-07-14 01:41:32

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Re: [REQUEST] Zoom functions, camera control


Camera zoom would be great, though I feel that would be best made when we port to A5. It's too early to tell, but with the port, perhaps even camera rotation could come, so you could make your users dizzy cool

Regarding custom cameras, that's very achievable via scripting. Even though the new API is a work-in-progress, it can handle custom cameras. Take a look:


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