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How to report a bug

How to report a bug

If you have discovered a bug in the game, please create a new thread reporting it. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

0. Maybe you're using an outdated version and that bug is already fixed. Please make sure you're using the latest stable version or the latest Development build.

1. Be clear and specific about your problem. Describe step-by-step how to reproduce the error.

2. Include the files related to the bug itself. Example: if you're making a level and there's a bug somewhere, we'll need to see your level. Same about bricksets, scripts, etc.

3. Add any other information you consider relevant.

4. Include your logfile.txt!

  • It's located on the game folder

  • On Linux, it's on ~/.cache/opensurge2d/opensurge. If you're using Snap or Flatpak, check out the location on the README.

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