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#1 2022-06-11 11:57:31

Just John 43
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Sonic 3 Elemental Shields Pack

Hello, here to post what I feel will be a useful pack for those wanting to make Sonic games. Been working hard to perfect these shield abilities and they're finally in sharable state. Simply download and copy the folders into your opensurge project. This will override the base shields from opensurge, so you may want to rename them and do some little edits to fit your development. … sp=sharing

Pack includes from AS2R:

Thunder Shield, with it's controllable double jump

Fire Shield, with it's dash

And the Bubble Shield, with it's bounces and the Bubble Rise mechanic from AS2R

The pack also includes AS2R's Minecart and Glider, which replace the acid and wind shields respectively

To see these working in your game you will have to add all these companions to your .char file. This includes the behind graphics for the thunder and fire shields, so it's important you add those to see the full sprite animation, which were cleverly devised by Alex to show the z.index of the behind sprite properly

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