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#1 2022-02-14 17:25:53

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Open Surge - Expansion DLC (W.I.P.)

Are you tired of just Sunshine Paradise and Waterworks Zone? Are you surprised of that the latest game made with Open Surge was Speedy the Rollerskater? And that its full version was released at July 2021? And that its latest patch was released at August 2021? Then, no worries! I'm gonna make a new DLC for the OG game! It's called Expansion DLC! What a generic name... But let's not care about that! There are gonna be 3 new zones! 2 acts each! No bosses because I don't know how to code! But it can change if I choose to learn SurgeScript!

-Speedy Hill (Demo Released!) (Has nothing to do with Speedy the Rollerskater)
-Icey Ride (Not in making)
-??? (Not planned yet)

-Zone 1 Demo (Released, download now!)
-Zone 2 Demo (Not done)
-Full Package (Not done)

WARNING: To play this game, you need a copy of the original Open Surge game. You will have to overwrite a file so that the Play button can send you to the DLC, so be careful!

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