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#1 2021-04-18 08:29:34

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A New Unofficial Open Sonic Version for Windows

Hi guys, new here. Recently, thanks to my 12-year old nephew, I discovered Open Sonic and got hooked immediately. So much, that I wanted to try to improve it if I could. So here it is, in case there is still interest in this old little gem.

I have made some slight modifications in various parts of the game's code. Some of the changes are taken from later versions of the Open Surge engine, some are brand new. Please note that this is an unofficial, Windows-only port, so apologies in advance to the Linux and Mac users for leaving them out of the fun.

Here is the changelog from version 0.1.4:

  • Smoother gameplay with the use of vsync. Vsync toggled on/off with the 'V' key.

  • Audio volume can now be set in Options and command line.

  • Borderless Fullscreen implemented and replaced original Exclusive Fullscreen mode. Alt-tab now possible. When fullscreen  is selected, the resolution options are now greyed-out.

  • High-performance / high-granularity Windows QPC timer now in use.

  • CPU yield can now be toggled on/off with the 'Y' key, for when reduced CPU usage is desired.

  • Number of lives can be set in the command line. 1-999 lives or even infinite is now possible.

  • Game is now DPI-aware.

  • Video card in use is reported on startup.

  • Max FPS is now 125 instead of 100 (actually max FPS was 62-64 in the original Windows 0.1.4 port).

  • Help window text alignment fixes.

  • Bogus mouse installation error message on startup fixed.

If you are interested in updating to the new unofficial version, you will need a working Open Sonic installation. If you are reading this forum I am pretty certain you know where to get the original 0.1.4 from. Just to be on the safe side, make a backup of your install first. Then, download this zip and extract it in the folder of your Open Sonic install, overwriting any files as required:
https: // (remove the space between https: and //www.[...] to make the link valid).

The zip file contains the changelog, the opensonic.exe and libpng14.dll binaries required to run the game, the updatd language files (since the new sound volume option requires a new label in the Options screen) and the full patch file containing all the source code changes necessary, for those inclined to hack further.

Hope you will find it enjoyable.

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#2 2021-07-10 04:08:49

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Re: A New Unofficial Open Sonic Version for Windows

I am reuploading this work for the purpose of historical preservation.

Title: Modified Open Sonic 0.1.4 by a_c
Made with: Open Sonic 0.1.4
Year: 2021

Download game

Extract the files on top of Open Sonic 0.1.4. Make sure that the folders match.

You may use this version to run older MODs as well.


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