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#1 2020-01-02 22:20:26

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Open Surge 0.5.1 released !!!

Open Surge 0.5.1 released !!!

Open Surge 0.5.1 includes new special moves for Surge, improvements to the physics engine, new translations and many other goodies! Users are highly encouraged to upgrade.

Open Surge is also accepting donations via Flattr. If you're here, you see the value the project brings you. Please visit that page.

Release Notes:

  • New special moves: Surge's Lighting Boom and Surge's Lighting Smash

  • Improved the physics engine & the auto-angles detection method

  • New translations: German, Spanish, Korean, French

  • Updates to the SurgeScript API

  • Included a SurgeScript template for creating your own shield abilities

  • Made Life Icons and Goal Signs easier to hack

  • Created an audible countdown that is played when Surge is underwater

  • Introduced multilingual support for font scripts

  • Aesthetic improvements to the menus

  • General improvements & bugfixes



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