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How to play a game on Linux / Windows

How to play a game on Linux / Windows

This thread discusses how to run games users make with the Open Surge Engine. They're generally distributed as .zip files. Depending on your operating system, the procedure for installing/playing them varies.

Microsoft Windows

Unpack the .zip, run the executable file (.exe) and have fun!

If an executable is not present, get a recent build of Open Surge and follow the instructions below.

Linux / OSX

To install the game on your system, simply run on a console:

opensurge --install /path/to/

You can list the installed games by typing:

opensurge --games

To play an installed game, run:

opensurge --game gameid

Note #1: make sure that your engine version is greater or equal than the engine version of the game. You may use the latest version, or a development build. Run opensurge --version to check which version you're using

Note #2: games are installed in user space

Note #3: if the game isn't distributed as a .zip, you may pack it to a .zip

Building games for redistribution

If you're on Windows, simply zip the entire game folder. Include the executable file (.exe) and all the subfolders.

If you're on other OS, the files may be spread around the filesystem. Luckily, Open Surge has a built-in tool that builds a .zip with all the required data. Simply run:

opensurge --build

This command also works on Windows. You may optionally specify a gameid. Run opensurge --help for more details.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask! Start a new thread and tell us which game you're trying to run and what is your engine version (run opensurge --version)


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