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#1 2018-06-29 00:09:04

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[Brainstorming] Creating applications to generate Open Surge scripts

Hey guys,

I was thinking about all the discussions we had about creating apps to generate data and scripts that the game can use, namely bricksets, objects, sprites, characters and so on.

I was playing with openBOR for a while, and I noticed the community is very active, but the development of apps stopped, leaving the community with different apps to generate some or multiple kinds of script, but they are all bugged at some point, along other problems that prevent them to be as useful as they could truly be.

seeing how they work and their structure was interesting, because that gave me some good ideas about interfaces, but i'm not sure how to handle the generation, reading and writing of data.

I could try to design the apps in my spare time but I really need ideas and help to treat the data correctly. at first it won't be the editor of anyone's dreams, so please bear with me if things break or simply do not work.

I think a sprite editor would be the best first thing, and to make things simpler, we make it use separate images rather than sheets for a start.

Using HTML5 I can then upload the tools to a cloud storage which you can access online, and offline as long as you still have it in cache.


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#2 2018-06-29 00:38:12

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Re: [Brainstorming] Creating applications to generate Open Surge scripts

That's great.

I was thinking to tackle the brick problem using SurgeScript.


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