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#1 2018-02-22 11:27:25

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Tails (fly, swim, carry), Knuckles (fly, climbing) scripts + Sonic

There are files for introduction Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to Open Surge engine.
Just unpack archive on your folder and set the characters names in level-file.

It is modifications of CarlosTheHedgehog's scripts.

Tails can fly (singly or with the parthner) and swin (only singly), but control in this game differs from control in original Sonic's games. Press SPACE button once to take off and press it again to land. Tails flying during 10 sec and swimming during 30 sec. If he swim, he does not require air bubbles (he don't die).

Knuckles can plane, climbing, and destroy some bricks. This control similar controls from original games.
The wall destroying is released as hidden object, which make Knuckles rolling.

When Tails or Knuckles uses their abilities, they are invulnerable for the enemies (because the engine processes the script in the process of jumping).

Download pack:

Unpack it on folder with your project, then open file \objects\startup\default_startup.obj and write the selected lines in [object ".default_startup" --- state "main]

object ".default_startup"
    requires 0.2.0

    state "main"

// ----------------------------------------------
        let "$_Play_Knuckles = 0"
        let "$_Play_Sonic = 0"
// ----------------------------------------------

        create_child ".default_startup.opening_animation"
        create_child ".default_startup.level_cleared"
        create_child ".default_startup.switch_character"
        create_child ""
        create_child ".default_startup.water"

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