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#1 2017-12-04 21:51:51

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Vidme is ending soon

So, Vidme, my main site for uploading videos, is shutting down very soon. All videos will be deleted from the servers on Dec. 15, which is bad news for me, obviously. Time for me to switch platforms again, this time over to Vimeo. This message has been sent out to every follower of the Vidme channel:

Dear viewer,

This message is being sent to all followers of my channel. It has come to my attention that Vidme, my main site for bringing content to you, is closing down on December 15th. Because of this, I will be uploading at Vimeo from now on, since every user's ability to upload on Vidme has been disabled. All videos, comments, upvotes and private messages will also be deleted from the servers.

Here is a link to my new Vimeo channel to keep receiving SGWaS content:

I emplore all viewers to make the switch as well.


So, yeah. That sucks. sad



#2 2017-12-05 01:54:20

From: Brazil
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Re: Vidme is ending soon

I read the goodbye letter from the guys at Vidme and they shared some insights about their market and their startup. They wanted a creator-friendly platform. One of their goals was to help video creators make money, so that they would be focused on making videos. Cool, but Google and Facebook pretty much control the online advertising market nowadays.


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