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#1 2013-05-16 22:04:31

From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Please EDIT your posts!

Many people just don't give a flying fig about this, but this is a forum, not facebook. The EDIT button is here for a good reason: To compact the forum so it becomes more easy to read. It may not see as important to you, but it boils down to this very simple to understandable statement:

Multiple consecutive posts = SPAM.

By posting multiple posts after each other you're taking the very risk to be TEMPORARILY BANNED!

As a moderator I can see your IP adress! This forum is by designed this way to help us out to identify spammers. We could just as easily classify a legit member to be a spammer. Consequence: No posting rights at all. No new accounts at all. Do you want that to heppen? Then start editing your original topic if new data needs to be added.

I can't be everyone's nanny editing your own posts. First of all it's not fair, and a clear violation of my rights as a moderator. Secondary it is not my task to alter anyones post at all. I know this might be hard to learn, but please don't let us teach you the hard way. I learned 2001 to edit my posts, and if I could, so can you!

The edit button is in the lower right corner of each post.


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