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#1 Re: Assets » (free) Upload host for OpenSurge » 2012-12-23 15:08:28

I only was wondering if those number could be right. I have no idea how many files you all make and upload.

#2 Re: Assets » (free) Upload host for OpenSurge » 2012-12-20 09:50:30

this are the statistics of the statistics came from the server. I can see how many files where added and how many files is downloaded. but there isnt a problem, the files that have been upload aren't big at all.

and no I am not sure.

#3 Re: Assets » (free) Upload host for OpenSurge » 2012-12-19 17:47:43

Hi everyone! didnt post in a while.

Just for those how like to know, here I have the site statics of November.

November 2012
Upload files: 47 files
Download files (or if it is a image, every view is one download): 3568 files
Used by unique visitors: 87

Upload files: 57 files
Download files (or if it is a image, every view is one download): 3115 files
Used by unique visitors: 110

Upload files: 38 files
Download files (or if it is a image, every view is one download): 1899 files
Used by unique visitors: 76

The reason why the download is high is because I am also using the server for personal reasons.
I am not very active, does anyone think these numbers can be right? I am afraid other people using this website.

#5 Re: Off-topic » on_timeout 1 YEAR! » 2012-05-19 07:55:14

S32X wrote:

The object doesn't really exist. I just posted it for a joke.

You mean you start OpenSurge without to put the object in it?
Yeah than it won't work big_smile

#6 Re: Off-topic » on_timeout 1 YEAR! » 2012-05-18 09:06:25

How do you know for sure that 31556926 is realy a year?
there is always somthing like lead second big_smile

it probably works, but it will not be very precise it think.

#7 Re: General » MAC OSX Nightly-Builds version? » 2012-04-26 20:29:40

S32X wrote:

I'm on vacation (in England! big_smile ) and I'm using a MAC Book Pro I laptop. I can't find a version of Build 700 for a MAC. Is there one? If so, were can I find it?

even OpenSonic 0.1.4 doesn't have a mac version so I'm sure there is also no Mac version of the Build for the mac.
But you can Download the source from svn and compile the game on the mac, then you can run the game.
If you do so please upload it to the forum for other users!

Have a nice vaction in England, It's a nice kingdom.

#8 Re: Off-topic » Mega upload is gone » 2012-04-08 23:28:04

darkcity wrote:

its going to take a while, but i'm going to copy all the films on pirate bay then re-release them when mr pirate closes down.

Please do!
Here is pirate bay already down, the providers have bannad the IP sad

#9 Re: General » Missing files on Surge's Warehouse » 2012-04-08 18:40:38

Alexandre wrote:

Old links have been replaced by new ones through all posts in the database, so everything should be working correctly again. smile

woow... you mean you have change all the post by your self? Thats a lot of work.
Realy nice Ales!

#10 Re: General » Missing files on Surge's Warehouse » 2012-04-05 19:05:49

sorry for the dubble post.

Problem solved!

Ther is a new server:

the problem was that there were to much files on the server.
all the old files are now on the new server.
You can read here how you can download the old files: … p?pid=5310

upload only files that are for OpenSurge
there where files that hasn't nothing to do with openSurge, I have deleted those files!
If I have deleded a wrong file, Please say! now I have a backup of the files.

#11 Re: General » Missing files on Surge's Warehouse » 2012-04-04 20:04:20

I don't know what it happend, but I can't do nothing until the help desk of my hosting is open.
It's now eveing here.

The site is still online but not all the files are accessible.
If I look on the panel of the website, It's says that the files still on the server.
The hosting make backups to a external location, so I think the files are safe.

sorry for the problems!

I hope I can fix this in 25 hour.

#12 Re: Off-topic » Global game jam » 2012-02-06 09:01:48


I was ask by one of the organizer, so I could't refuse.

first we meet at 6 in the evening. there I meet some people from arrount the world (there where also people form Greece and Thailand). after one hour, I had make a group of 5 people. 4 devolpers and 1 desginer. becouse of that, i helped the desginer. we all thid this for the first time.
first we wacht a movie about game desginer in south america and the u.k. and then we started. the theme of this years was this:

the first evening, we had made the concept of the game with a nice beer. at 2 hour we got to sleep.
we sleep in a class room, and the light can't go off. becouse of that I could't sleep at all.
8 am we got breakfast and coffie. and we started to work on the game.

The game where made in XNA (Csharpe) and desging in inscape and ilustation and the animation where made in flash.
we had work to the last minute, and when we try to upload the game, the site was down sad
later the site was back, we uploded the game by then.

the global game jam was finish, and we share or game with other groups. there where raely nice games.
it's was a weekend that I will do next years also.

#13 Off-topic » Global game jam » 2012-01-27 10:34:13

Replies: 2


today is the start of the global game jam.
This year I participate and I was wondering if there are more people who participate?

#14 Off-topic » Mega upload is gone » 2012-01-20 19:26:55

Replies: 7

The servers of Mega Upload here in the netherlands were seized by the FBI.
In other words, there are many files gone.
All files of megaupload on this forum are gone! belive me!

it is unclear whether megaupload return.

#15 Re: Assets » Lost Temple zone » 2012-01-14 15:02:18

firedudeman wrote:
ssdw wrote:

finale, there are new levels!

cant play. there is no such blue_door object.

you mean the doors are droped?
I use a old edition.


which night build do you use to make this level?

#16 Re: Assets » Lost Temple zone » 2012-01-13 22:05:33

finale, there are new levels!

#17 Re: Off-topic » SOPA » 2012-01-13 22:01:47

I do not think it will work, because there are also websites that are hosted outside amirica.
They hunt only the website of the country and they are probably go online from another country.
this is also happening with

I am not quite agree that they do, people will get filtered information, the requirements of the filter is set by the government.
looks a bit like china!

#19 Re: Off-topic » Happy new year » 2011-12-31 22:27:49

here just 30 min to go
Happy 2012!

#20 Re: Off-topic » Portuguese fans of Extra Credits, Rejoice :D » 2011-12-22 21:04:06

I was afraid.
I thought I already had lost everything from my old school.

But It sounds good, Perhaps I come to visit smile

#21 Re: General » Notepad++ » 2011-12-22 20:57:02

so eveyone like different colors.
currently, you can choose light colors or dark colors.
but remember that you also can customize the colors.
click on "View" and then on "User-Defined Dialogue..."

if someone has an idea of the best colors let it know.
But don' t forget the color cycle.

#22 Re: General » Notepad++ » 2011-12-22 10:49:53

Oow. sorry for this. I didn't know.
Have you also create something like this for level files and sprite files?

#23 Re: Off-topic » Portuguese fans of Extra Credits, Rejoice :D » 2011-12-21 22:16:48

wait What...
I thought that Portugal was in Europe.
alongside spain.

#24 General » Notepad++ » 2011-12-21 22:07:35

Replies: 8

Hello eveyone,

Lone time ago!
I have made a kid of a extension for Notepad++ to edit obj files.

Download: … ge_obj.xml
(Click right on the link and then save as...)

How to install
1) Open (or install) notepad++
2) click on "View" and then on "User-Defined Dialogue..."
3) Click on "Inport" and select the file that you have downloaded (link above)
4) Close the window
5) Click on "Language" and then on "OpenSurge obj"

#25 Re: General » [bug?] fullscreen » 2011-08-18 21:09:34

Alexandre wrote:


according to wikipedia a commonly used size. I think that's the best. os should run on many computers as possible.
on this computer is the Aspect ratio 16:9, So it is not supported. but I can put it on normal size.
perhaps a warning for those who are not able to play on full screen.

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