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#1 Assets » Lucky Charm Item Boxes » 2021-03-03 12:28:34

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So I got bored after a few hours of watching GoAnimate videos and looking at Wikipedia Adventure, and so I decided to get some fun on and whip up this lucky charm image.

Check it out!


Credits go to Dolphman for the Monitor Base, Techokami for the item screens, Doc Melonhead and Sega.

Special thank yous go to General Mills.

Now here are what each charm means:
Heart - Bring things to life
Star - Flight
Horseshoe - Extra Speed
Clover - Extra Luck
Blue Moon - Invisibility
Unicorn - Color the world
Hourglass - Turn back time
Rainbow - Teleport anywhere
Red Balloon - Float through the air

This was supposed to be correct, but since Open Surge doesn't have all that sad, we can't deem it correct. But here's the correct meaning. And by that, I mean, what each charm really means.

Heart - +10 Collectibles
Star - Invincibility
Horseshoe - Extra Speed
Clover - Extra Luck (+50 Collectibles)
Blue Moon - Similar to magic glasses, allows you to see and collect blue batteries.
Unicorn - Unused
Hourglass - Turn back time, also unused
Rainbow - Acts like acid shield
Red Balloon - Acts like wind shield
The other charms are just shields.

So what do you think? This will be used in Ryan Forces and Power of the Charms. If you want to use it, feel free. But if you use Open Surge Engine 0.5.2, DO NOT OVERWRITE THE ITEM_BOXES FILE!!! Keep the charm_items filename as is. Thank you and have a nice day! wink

#2 Re: Games » 8-bit Open Surge (Second demo out now, third demo coming soon!) » 2021-02-09 12:17:59

Oh, yes, I forgot. I'll be sure to use that technique for the third demo.

Also, not 8-bit? I can fix that smile

#3 Off-topic » Anyone up for a posting rank system? » 2021-02-09 12:14:42

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While I was browsing through http://, I keep seeing lots of images below the users' profile pictures. Eventually I found out that they were ranks, and they change for every time their post count significantly increases.

I was wondering if TuxFamily could support an SMBX-styled rank system, but instead of the Nintendo characters, we could have Open Surge characters and even two badnik bots, and Team Sonic as the ranks.

Here is my prediction for the rank list:
0 - nothing
1 - SpringFling
5 - Blowfish
10 - Mosquito
20 - Wolfey
30 - Water Skimmer
40 - Green Marmot
60 - Red Marmot
80 - Ruler Salamander
100 - Harrier
125 - Giant Wolf
150 - Hydra
175 - Goldfish Bot
200 - Chef Bot
250 - Tux the Penguin
300 - Gnu
400 - Cursor Mouse
500 - Sonic
600 - Tails
700 - Knuckles
800 - SVN Turtle
900 - Pig
1,000 - Wilber
1,200 - Firefox
1,500 - Jerry
2,000 - Cat
2,500 - Animal Prison
3,000 - "Surge" the Rabbit
3,500 - "Neon" the Squirrel
4,000 - "Charge" the Badger
4,500 - Raspberry
5,000 - Gimacian the Dark
6,000 - Sharp the Porcupine
7,000 - ???

Remember, as they say in SMBX, once they are implemented somehow, they ARE NOT here to encourage spamming. Spamming in order to get a high posting rank will obviously result in a warning and a ban if continued.

By the way, cursor mouse means the black mouse and jerry mouse means the brown mouse. And Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Surge, Neon and Charge can use their victory poses.

How does that sound, Alexandre? Should we give it a try? Let me know.

#4 Re: General » LC » 2021-02-09 02:12:58

Should we implement a unique file system where you can load and make new levels right in the game a la Mega Man Maker and make the in-game level editor debug mode? The Ryan Engine uses that, but it's a fan game based on Ryan's World and no plans for release are heard at the moment sad

I'm pretty sure the Ryan Engine is still at concept stage, too.

#5 Re: General » Glitches that i found » 2021-02-09 02:07:33

I found a glitch.

When you use layers and try to enter a layered area, you fall through the area and in most cases, DIE.

What should I do to fix it?

Here is the screenshot for reference:

#6 Re: Games » 8-bit Open Surge (Second demo out now, third demo coming soon!) » 2021-02-09 00:52:15

Thanks, and speaking of fan games, it's Update Time!

That's right! The second demo of 8-bit Open Surge is out now!

New Screenshots, by the way:


How did Surge fall off the course?
Sur6e&Ryan!01 cry. R.I.P. Surge



Playing as Neon.
This is what happens when you play as Surge touch the signpost, then immediately press Ctrl and try to head to the goal as Neon.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Never-ending fun, and sorry, but the cat came back.
Yet another stupid way to die.
The crocopter's blade chopped Surge to pieces, though it doesn't look like it.
Well, I'd be Ka-BOOMED!
Bummer, only the conductor penguin escaped while the other animals suffered a miserable death sad

But anyways. this zone is called Sunset Park, which is from Sonic Triple Trouble. The boss here is the train. However, the Animal Prison isn't available at the moment so I have to use a capsule hidden by battery monitors.

Keep the complements coming, Alexandre!

Also, if the Animal Prison is no longer available, can I use SurgeScript to program a train head boss for Sunset Park Boss as well as all the other zones?

#7 Re: Games » Speedy the RollerSkater (My Future Project) » 2021-02-06 14:56:20

I just beat the game and I think I agree with Alexandre. Other than that, keep up the good work!

#8 Re: Games » 8-bit Open Surge (Second demo out now, third demo coming soon!) » 2021-02-06 13:25:21

Okay, that'll be implemented in the next demo, which is coming soon.

#9 Games » 8-bit Open Surge (Second demo out now, third demo coming soon!) » 2021-02-05 23:46:42

Replies: 8

Welcome to the thread of my first game. This is an 8-bit remake of the Open Surge video game which gives NES palettes to the characters, bricksets, etc., and even make the music chiptune-like.

It is recommended that you don't merge your Open Surge folder with this quest. They use different objects and images that could cause conflicts between the two versions. Please keep them in their own separated folder.

Right now, it's just an 8-bit port of Open Surge. The full version will feature cutscenes, custom boss battles, more levels, more enemies, more playable characters, and of course, the double jump and air spin.

Here are the levels that are going to be in the full version:

  1. Block Mountain - A beautiful coastal area filled with rolling hills and an everlasting feeling of summer.

  2. Sunset Park - An abandoned multi-story railway system rigged to explode any time. Ride the Spin Coasters up and down the steep hills. Spinning turbines make you flip. Bridges explode beneath your feet. Hop onto elevators, but get rid of their robot riders first.

  3. Dragon Temple - In the deep forest, an old castle is located by the lake. Despite its magical appearance, traps like floating pillars, made to protect the castle, will await the trio.

  4. Flooded Pipemaze - It's time to get your feet wet! Explore the mysterious underwater ruins while searching for batteries and things. When air gets low, a countdown begins - gulp the big air bubbles to replenish Surge's oxygen before the countdown reaches zero, OR ELSE.

  5. Icicle Ruins - A deserted amusement park created on a snowy mountaintop. Surge must overcome avalanches, race on roller coaster rails, and explore deep underground ice caves filled with water.

  6. Overwatch City - A bright and busy casino-inspired theme park, where shining neon lights fill the streets. The casinos of Overwatch City are bustling with elaborate pinball areas and powerful cannons, so time your movement well to guarantee your chance of survival. If luck is on your side, why not explore for a moment and try your hand at the slots? No, this is put on an island far from Ryan's World.

  7. Tidal Planet - A deadly danger-filled cryptic maze shrouded in mystery and surrounded by drowning waters.

  8. Canyon Carnage - An arid desert canyon known for its rich oil supply. Huge refineries were made by Gimacian to collect the resources of this Zone. Surge, Neon and Charge must be careful as many traps await including Sand storms, quicksand, huge sand-filling tanks, etc.

  9. Frantic Fortress - Gimacian's metallic plant, built to house only his own devilish creations and operations.

  10. Anti-Ryan Machine - Finally, in space! This zone is like a highway, you have to keep moving to beat Gimacian and save Ryan's World!

Now for some screenshots:

Now for the story:
Months after his defeat in Open Surge, Gimacian the Dark has returned and he made a new weapon capable of destroying any landform desired, the Anti-Ryan Machine. Now he plans to use it to destroy Ryan's World. Surge the Rabbit and his friends immediately spring into action upon finding this out. Now it's a race between Surge and Gimacian to save a landmark of Ryan's World, Greenflower Mt. as Gimacian chose that location as his first target for obliteration.

Surge and friends take the Pixeltrip to Ryan's World, but end up turning 8-bit in the process.

Even though Surge rushed to save Greenflower Mountain as quickly as possible, he was too late as it had already been defaced by the time he arrived. Now, after a quick reunion with the evil wizard, Surge and friends journey off onto another quest to save Ryan's World from total destruction!

You can download the first demo now! The first demo contains the first and fourth worlds.
Here's the link: … ).zip/file

The second demo is now available! It contains Block Mountain, Sunset Park, and Flooded Pipemaze.
Here's the link: …

More demos and even the full version coming soon!

UPDATE: I have decided to release a new demo for each zone I complete. Once I have all ten zones and bosses up, I'll release the full version.

Also, does anyone know how to bring the Animal Prison into Open Surge v0.5.1.2?

Thanks for looking! wink

#10 Re: General » Open Sonic 0.1.1 levels » 2021-01-01 17:55:33

I would say B. It was a lot of work getting through the EPZ3 boss though, but I did it. However, the truth is, I ALSO CHEATED!

#11 Re: Off-topic » Sonic the Hedgehog 4 » 2021-01-01 15:30:31

The link just redirected me to the 404 page, but it did contain their simplistic dungeon game where you can find treasures of all kinds.

#12 Re: Off-topic » Surge skins » 2021-01-01 15:25:08

I think the golden skin would be perfect for Super Surge. Just need to configure the speed, invincibility, jump height and ring drain and then configure and implement the Special Stages and Dimensional Rings and stuff and then Super Surge will be ready to go!

#13 Re: Off-topic » Sonic Mania » 2021-01-01 15:20:08

I played the game when my parents got it for me for my birthday. However, I only got to Flying Battery Zone.

But I can tell, that the level design was super fluid (see the Level Design Document to see the reference), the bosses were clever, the 2P and Time Attack modes were good, but the best thing was the music. Those composers really strutted their stuff!

Also, I have decided to make my own Mania mod. It's going to be called Sonic Mania: Ryan's World Style and the release date is TBA.

#14 Off-topic » WE HAVE CLEARED 2020 (for Alexandre) » 2021-01-01 15:12:18

Replies: 9

We did it, guys! I don't know how, but we finally did it! We survived an impossible year! The coronavirus didn't stand a chance against us and we had everything we could ever want to live through it.

We have a lot to celebrate in 2020. Not only did we celebrate Open Surge's 11th anniversary, but we also celebrated the first-ever virtual Space Needle event and also did I forget to mention, politics, Joe Biden's victory (and Donald Trump's humiliating defeat).

There was also SAGE 2020 and the SMW Central Summer 2020 C3. My entry didn't make it, but my team, Team Red Yoshi, won the contest! Please congratulate me and thank me for helping us make it through 2020.

Thank you for making this all possible!

P.S. Let's hope 2021 is better than last year!

#15 Re: Games » Sonic and the Magical Stone (9-10-2010) - Download Demo : ) » 2020-12-31 21:01:48

I couldn't download it. MediaFire removed the file permanently because it violated their Terms of Service in a way that it can't be reinstated. I most recommend DropBox. If you can't seem to contact MediaFire and ask what parts of the TOS that the file violated, you can use DropBox instead.

Also, might not exist anymore. It redirected me to the "Name not resolved" error.

Can you please fix it? I know you might not be as active as you used to anymore, but I wanted to play the game please.

EDIT: Um, he's not responding.

#16 Re: Games » [Mod] Shinobi Densetsu (Discontinued) » 2020-12-31 18:54:51

KZR wrote:

because it is the ring counter, and it resets on each level load. in a future revision it will show its own variable so it carries over.

Maybe you should. I was wanting a variable for the ring counter on Project Kaji so it carries over. Also, if you get hit, you lose all your collectibles. I want to find a variable that makes it to where you only lose a portion of your collectibles every time you get hit a la Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast, etc. wink

Also, great job on all you've done! Keep up the good wo- oh, right, the mod was discontinued. Sorry about the discontinuation, but I hope you can carry this effort over to other projects.

#17 Re: Games » Sonic the hedgehog adventure Version Final » 2020-12-30 17:01:07

Oh gosh! 15 levels, that's a lot for a download. I don't know if I can complete the download. How much space does it take exactly?

By the way, what happens if the game tries to load a level with objects more than 4096x4096 in size? Does it crash the game or something?

EDIT (Hours later): I can't play the game! It CRASHES immediately every time I try to load it with a so-called fatal error saying that it can't start just because overlays are not supported in graphic mode 1280x960. Can you fix it? sad

#18 Off-topic » Hi, everyone! » 2020-10-29 01:19:42

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Hi, everyone! I am Sur6e&Ryan!01 and I have been using Open Surge for a while now. Since I wanted to share my projects with the world, I have decided to register to the forums. Everyone please give me a warm welcome and hope that I can do great things out there!

Thank you! wink

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