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Forum rules

Simple rules that must be followed:

  • Your posts must be written in English language
  • Be helpful, not hurtful. Be polite.
  • Search the answers first. Maybe someone already asked whatever you want to know.
  • Messages that are difamatory, racist, discriminatory or offensive in any way/to any person or group are prohibited
  • No SPAM! Posting the same message two times or more, or an unsolicitated commercial message, are examples of SPAM
  • Contents such as "warez", ROMs, porn, etc. are prohibited
  • No addressing rule breaking inside the thread. Simply report the post and we will deal with it
  • Avoid continuing any locked topics. Avoid digging up dead/very old topics. Avoid flame wars
  • No trolling

Posts that do not follow these rules may be removed with no previous warning. If the user insists, he/she will receive a permanent ban.

By posting anything in here, you accept that you are solely responsible for it. The forum administrators/moderators cannot be held responsible for any content you submit.

These rules may change whenever necessary.

If you register on this community, then you are accepting these rules.

Thank you for reading.

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